problems of effective teaching and learning in social studies

Lack of appropriate method of teaching affect the teaching of social studies 4. This section contains a variety of graphic organisers; cooperative learning ideas; tools and resources for writing and presenting information; and ideas for oral and visual activities. Lack of instructional materials affects the teaching of social studies 2. problems militating against effective teaching and learning of social studies in junior secondary school (a case study of enugu state) hope ovat social studies education project topics and materials leave a comment 282 views Explore project topics and research ideas related to teachers and students perception of problems of effective teaching and learning social studies in Nigeria The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies by providing leadership, services, and support to educators. Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright. Problems that teachers face include handling student needs, lack of parental support, and even criticism from a public that can be largely unaware of their everyday lives. It was discovered that teachers are significantly related in their perception of the effectiveness of methods of teaching Social Studies. This program explores how social studies teachers in any grade level can help their students develop the democratic values that will make them effective and responsible citizens. And in the school in order to find a comfortable physical environment for teaching and learning and developing to positive relationship between teachers and students administration. Program 32 Issues in Social Studies: Creating Effective Citizens. Using our service is LEGAL and IS NOT prohibited by any university/college policies. One of such factors is non-use of instructional materials. Social studies in the school curriculum is faced with some worse teaching problems. Many writers in social studies shave pointed out the grossly unavailability of instructional materials coupled with teachers attitude towards the utilization during classroom teaching-learning situations. Also, many Social Studies teachers teach Social Studies without instructional materials and facilities (Mberengwa 2004). 4. The quality of teachers, and class room … For PROPER paraphrasing ( see your university definition of plagiarism and acceptable paraphrase), 4. Geiser and Santelices (2007) argued that admission points which are a reflection of the … As a source for ideas for your own research (if properly referenced), 3. Purpose of the study The study aims at identify the problems of teaching and learning of Business studies in secondary school (with reference to Ondo West Local Government Area). The problem in this study therefore is to analyze some of the factors militating against the successful teaching of social studies in the Ese-Odo Local Government Area. 8555 16th St, Suite 500 • Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-588-1800 • 800-296-7840 • fax 301-588-2049 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Effective teaching and learning is affected by a number of factors including admission points, social economic status and school background. APPENDIX 1. 6. The … Social studies education today is experiencing a tug-of-war over what is appropriate for a child’s young mind to consume. Attitudes associated with Social Studies appear to affect students’ performance in the subject. CHAPTER ONE. This paper x-rays the various ways ICT can be applied to enhance effective pedagogy in Social Studies in schools. … the problems militating against effective teaching and learning of social studies in junior secondary schools in igbo-eze north local government area of enugu state ABSTRACT The study centers on the problems militating against effective teaching and learning of computer science in junior secondary schools of Igbo –Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State. Teachers reported that the curriculum content in Social Studies is not adequate for addressing the social issues and problems that face Nigeria today; the importance of peace and consequences of conflicts, the importance of culture, and the need for national unity and progress.

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