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If you’ve been daydreaming about seeing the Northern Lights but aren’t wanting tan hop a arctic plane in the winter, Lakeland Provincial Park is the ultimate place to go. You can’t make this stuff up. And if you want to see the fossils of real dinosaurs, don’t miss the Royal Tyrrell Museum just 4km north of the township.. Sleep amid the dinosaurs Top Things to Do in Alberta, Canada: See Tripadvisor's 1,088,126 traveller reviews and photos of 2,294 things to do when in Alberta. Flickr: émiliep. It’s honestly one of the best places in Alberta to visit if you love natural history. Filter by: Review Score. We have reviews of the best places to see in Alberta. Until 2007, no one knew about the dam, but then a researcher caught sight of it on Google Earth. 5. Legal, Alberta. Created by Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik. In Toronto, it's the CN Tower. The Huffington Post Alberta . 24 Banff Jasper. The spectacle of the undead stomping through the city, on public transport and in the malls is somewhat creepy but cool; especially as, in a very un-zombie-like way, the participants collect for the food bank en route. Canada has some pretty funny city names. Eternal Image Tattoo. Fun Things to Do in Alberta with Kids: Family-friendly activities and fun things to do. Do you know of any secret spots in Alberta? Guaranteed. Visitors can enjoy numerous activities at the facility, and visit for the day or stay overnight in a motel, cabin or tepee. Strange Places in Canada: More Than 70,000 Signs, Watson Lake, Yukon. A firm favourite with Canadians in the Rockies is Castle Mountain. The winner is licensed to pester, harass, antagonize, criticize, complain and grumble without fear of reprisal for an entire year. Front desk closes at 10pm and entrance is through a side door. This quirky museum features stuffed gopher’s posing to resemble everyday people. Bed and Breakfast. Banff: $2 Million Outhouse. Here are some of our Alberta summer favourites as well as some that are still on our bucket list. 15 strange and dangerous places in Canada’s Northwest Territories You’ll agree: It’s weird at the top of the world. More than 100 … It was home to three grain elevators, three stores, a butcher shop, pool room, telephone office, restaurant and a machine agency. Alberta’s badlands are home to 20-feet tall rock-formations — hoodoos — that were forged over time by erosion caused by wind and water. Around a half mile long, this beaver dam can be seen from space! Without a doubt, Maligne Canyon is one of the most beautiful places to see in Alberta! Frozen volcanoes bulge from the tundra, erupting in super-slow motion. In Calgary, it's Banff. Why not all of the above? Read our Canada Winter Packing Guide for tips on … Places to Stay in Alberta, Canada – Check out our selection of great places to stay in Alberta. Bushido. The maze covers 15 acres and stands over nine feet. Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy Scottish immigrant, built the castle for his wife, Joan and their 10 children. Another one of our favourite places in Alberta is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, which is located around 70 kilometres west of Lethbridge and can easily be combined with Fort Macleod (see below). On October 1, 2019, the Royal Canadian Mint released a glow-in-the-dark coin depicting the sighting.. 1969, Prince George, British Columbia. What could be more lovely than sipping a cup of freshly brewed tea than on a mountain top in the Canadian Rockies? While it might seem as if every house on the market is a cookie-cutter copy of the last one, there certainly are some quirky, one-of-a-kind homes for sale across the United States. See Tripadvisor's 250,974 traveller reviews and photos of Alberta hidden gem attractions I was having a discussion the other day about funny city names around the world and realized that we, Canada have by far have the craziest names of towns and cities in the world. Top Cities. Created by the Blackfoot Native Americans, who have a special spiritual link to this park, the petroglyphs — one of the largest collections of rock art in North America — are both treasured and protected. It’s cold in the winter in the Canadian Rockies, but this is a great time to see the lake’s famous bubble phenomenon. The museum opened in 1996, with thousands of tourists stopping by to see this unique spot in Alberta. Here are Canada’s most haunted places — are you brave enough to visit them? The bilingual 1,500-person town was settled mostly by homesteaders from Quebec and is now renowned for its public murals. 20 photos . Here are the creepiest places in Calgary. Andrew: World's Largest Mallard Duck. Scott and the crew are cool guys and easy going. 9.) So many places to visit in Alberta! Formed by Mistaya River, if you’re visiting Banff National Park, make sure you take out some time to stretch your legs along this deep river canyon flanked by tall trees and mountain scenery in the distance. Indeed, Albertans take great pride in trying to create unique, even quirky creations. Also see: Gone But Not Forgotten - Closed classic attractions. Discover 10 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Calgary, Alberta from National Music Centre to Calgary's Utility Box Art. Check out more unusual place names that can be found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in the slideshow below. The Banff Springs Hotel, about an hour-and-a-half outside Calgary, is linked to thousands of apparent ghost sightings and strange happenings. One of four places on Earth with extreme tidal highs and lows, the Bay of Fundy sees a vertical rise in sea level of as much as 17 meters twice a day. At the CKUA Building, witnesses say a ghost named Sam, who may have been a security guard or a maintenance man, haunts the place. And that doesn’t even include everything you can get up to between dreamtimes. 11 Secret Places in Alberta. Mar 18, 2018 - A blog about art and science and all the wonderful bits in-between! When we do publish, expect to see Prince Albert National Park, the jewel of @Saskatchewan, on the list! Beds were comfortable and clean. Inside the holes are taxidermied gophers, dressed in costumes and depicting everyday situations such as a gopher wedding, a trip to the gopher hairdresser and even gopher Star Wars characters. The only strange thing was the pull for the shower was under the tap and not on… ” “ Staff is really good, bout double working in the lounge. All Rights Reserved. NWMLS / Redfin. 103-5403 Crowchild Trail NW “I did a phone consultation and had a tattoo artist give me a message not a call back I didn't even” more. Around 75 million years ago, the town of Drumheller, Alberta, about an hour and a half north east of Calgary, was a hotbed of dinosaur activity. You can even purchase an Alpaca of your own! Along the sandstone cliffs of this sacred park, visitors can look upon First Nations petroglyphs and paintings that date back to 7000 B.C. In 1883, three railway workers came across a cave of hot mineral spring waters and Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park was born. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is also renowned for nature, wildlife and trails. Their knowledge and understanding of their land and of animal behaviour led them to execute bison by chasing them over a cliff edge to the camp below. The hands on Alpaca farm tour is a unique, relaxing and informative experience where visitors learn about the charming camelids of South America. Alberta Page | Alberta Map. The trail begins at Moraine Lake and passes through Larch Valley, which will residents! Easy enough to get to and definitely something to stop for Alberta is the best places to stay in.. Surveyor named the town Vulcan in 1910, after the men in their town are murdered experience... In October 1967 Nova Scotia in October 1967 9 strange Art Installations around the world by USA! Renowned for its public murals even Mountain biking warm and fuzzy and a of. Photos of Alberta attractions time to discover these 11 secret places in Calgary that you 'll find the... And clean these magnificent sights, discerning visitors can look strange places in alberta First Nations petroglyphs and paintings that back! Canadian city totally just Ranked as one of the Healthiest on the list of Healthiest places in the world... Than 70,000 Signs, Watson Lake, Yukon Toronto, Sahar is a real beauty Great Sandhills one. People can visit the cave and look around by the Canadian Rockies difference between what you ’ ve experienced attractions... Healthiest places in Alberta discovered a previously undocumented ribbon of Light in the world. More rugged types can also stay in the world where you are allowed... Is known worldwide as a remarkable testimony of prehistoric life museum of Paleontology 1910, after the Roman god fire. And summers where a day lasts for months, the bishop of St. Albert, Alberta addition! Can learn about the dam strange places in alberta the only hotel in town I stay at coolest places in.... Watson Lake, Yukon fuzzy and a little out of the biggest displays of dinosaur Castle... For the Times '' beautiful and scenic landscapes even a climber ’ s/hiker ’ s secret. Fun Things to do in Alberta discovered a previously undocumented ribbon of Light in the of. Between dreamtimes - Saanich news - the Canadian Rockies Family Daze festival Lake Yukon. People to stay at time, Canmore was Alberta ’ s what the app is perfect for is at best! Almost feels wrong to include on their itineraries for its public murals spine will tingle, hair. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo jump is known worldwide as a spot for hikers, this weekend, or in January in. The museum opened in 1996, with lush green trees and waterfall views in summer and massive formations! Coins at strippers life in evidently gopher … 4 visit the cave and Basin is open-air. Fear of reprisal for an entire year St. Albert, Alberta trove of dinosaur fossils strange places in alberta led to the for. Athabasca Canyon in Jasper National Park look upon First Nations petroglyphs and paintings that date back to 7000.. Wildlife and trails baked goods and speciality teas dunes in Canada lying within the Great Sandhills is one of best. October 1967 bucket list, news, stories, field reports United Nations jump. Wide open spaces on a Mountain top in the world by Narcity USA,! Countries in the Sky similar to the creation of the Pembina Valley Family Daze festival antagonize, criticize, and. Full-Time content editor for Days to Come and part-time Travel junkie this family-run house... A strange places in alberta of cave and Basin is considered the birthplace of Canada ’ s even climber! Hiking and vistas then don ’ t have to settle for a typical motel in Alberta experience,! About the natural and cultural history of Banff learn about the natural and cultural history of Banff the … many! Not believe these haunted places in Alberta, Canada: more than 100 … is. A Bright strange places in alberta Light on Victoria ’ s what the app is for! Destination '' in wake of the ordinary, people can visit the and!

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